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Engineering Work Experience

Work Experience: Welcome


January - August 2022

Lyndra Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical startup working towards long-term gastric retention.   Their novel, mechanical pill can stay in the stomach for 7 to 28 days.   As a member of the small R & D engineering team that developed manufacturing and test fixtures and procedures, I used SolidWorks and worked on in-house as well as out-sourced rapid prototyping and final designs for manufacturing.

Work Experience: Body


January - July 2021

Emphysys is an engineering consulting firm working mainly in medical devices and semi conductors. The small team of engineers design commercial medical products for their clients from start to finish.
At Emphysys, I worked on two class III medical devices, designing sub systems and testing fixtures. I led project update meetings with vendors and clients and worked with CNC mills and a machine shop to rapidly prototype my own and others’ designs.

Work Experience: My Work


January - June 2020

Lexitek makes phase plates and rotary stages for calibrating adaptive optics. Optical telescopes can adjust for instantaneous changes in a multilayer atmosphere.  To calibrate these telescopes, a pseudo random lens phase plate mimics the atmospheric changes.   I manufactured and verified phase plates and rotary stages using custom precision tools under a microscope and CNC mills and lathes.

Work Experience: About My Project
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